PETE&C 2010 Session LL02

Crystal A - Wed 10:30 - 11:30

What teacher wouldn't love to have student response "clickers", digital cameras, and computers in every student's hand? Maybe you already do! Learn some educational uses of cell phones in this hands-on, media rich presentation. Participants are urged to turn their cell phones ON!

Brief Summary:

  • Using cellphones as a student response system
  • Using cellphones as a collector of photographs
  • Using cellphones for blogging
  • Using cellphones for podcasting
  • Ethical / Safety / Appropriate Use concerns
  • Best Practices

About the Presenter:

Chris Champion is a computer educator in Central Pennsylvania. In addition to teaching high school students about computer systems, programming, and ethics, he is a Facilitator for - the Pennsylvania e-Learning for Educators program. In the Fall of 2009, he taught a course called "Cell Phones as Learning Tools". Here is a summary of that course:
In this workshop, participants will learn how even the most basic cell phones can be used as powerful tools for teaching and learning. When integrated with free, web-based resources, cell phones offer students the ability to share ideas through activities such as blogging, podcasting, and data gathering. While there are many legitimate concerns about using cell phones in schools, it is important that schools prepare students for success in a world overflowing with information. It is also important for students to learn how to use technology ethically and responsibly. This workshop will highlight meaningful ways that cell phones can be used as learning tools in and out of the classroom, while also addressing the challenges and resistance that many educators face when trying to integrate cell phones into learning activities.

YouTube Playlist: Cell Phones in the Classroom

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PennTeacher student Ken Westgate's class in Hellertown, PA (February 11, 21st Century Learners)

Ken's section starts at 1:52 and ends at 6:50

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