Team Activities: Hands-on with your cellphone
You will get together with your team to accomplish these tasks:

Activity 1: Team Photos

Use your cell phone to take a photograph of your team. Then email that photo to:

Make the subject of the email your first names if your cell phone gives you that option.

Activity 2: Podcast

Reflect on what you've learned this week. Using a pen or pencil and some blank space on your program, come up with three concise sentences that describe what you'll take back to your classroom and/or school. Once you've polished your sentences, call the following phone number and leave a voicemail recording.

646-402-5686 x 14836

Activity 3: Poll

Using your cellphone, respond to this poll:
Create your own sms poll at Poll Everywhere

Activity 4: Get Lunch

Use 1-800-GOOG-411 (800-466-4411) to find a place to eat before you have to get on the road!

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